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How to Get Media Coverage When the News Won’t Stop

Normally, major news events tend to come one at a time, and each story might dominate the news cycle for a day or two before running its course. Alas, we aren’t the time we’re living through right now is anything but ‘normal’ and, consequentially, the news media is challenged with covering a never-ending stream of critical, breaking news stories.

But, despite an ongoing global pandemic (increasing in severity), a(nother) Presidential impeachment, and continued social unrest (also increasing in severity), you still need to get your company in the media. We get it. Media coverage is often essential for a business’ growth – and it’s not realistic to put your PR efforts on hold until we reach a time of greater national stability.

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to get your name in the press – even in a chaotic news environment.

Contribute guest posts

For various reasons, companies often overlook guest posting as a meaningful strategy for media coverage. Don’t make this mistake. Contributing guest posts to outlets read by your target audience is an excellent way to get your name out there, without having to rely reporters being willing and able to cover you themselves.

Look for appropriate opportunities to newsjack

Right now, opportunities to ‘newsjack’ – the practice of taking advantage of current events or news stories in such a way as to promote or advertise one's product or brand (source) – are aplenty. This doesn’t mean you should try to newsjack at every chance you can, but it does mean there might be more real opportunities for you to add authentic and meaningful commentary to news events as they unfold.

Keep an eye on the news – particularly as it relates to your specific industry or area of expertise – and use your best judgement about when might be an appropriate time to join the conversation.

Don’t forget about trade media

Though most mainstream media might be consumed with an avalanche of breaking news topics, trade media outlets will still be looking for stories to cover on more regular, industry-specific subjects. Continue to pitch your non-crisis-related, story angles to relevant trade outlets as part of your effort to secure earned media coverage.

Other ways to promote your company:

While pursuing the above-mentioned avenues to media publicity, you can also promote your company outside of the media by:

- Looking for opportunities to participate in virtual events and conferences

- Building up your presence on social media

- Creating high-quality content

- Pursuing partnerships with influencers in your space

And, one final note: though the times are certainly different right now, there are still opportunities to secure earned media coverage through strategic and thoughtful outreach.


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